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Friday, October 22, 2004

Making super-models jealous in 15 minutes a day.

Do you know what is the most depressive TV-channel on cable TV? If you are a lady you ought to know--it's "Fashion-TV". It's hard to stay optimistic when you see dozens of perfect figures in expensive clothes moving along the catwalk. I bet that no lady can bear this torture for more than 5 minutes. We simply switch the channel and continue sitting in front of the TV and munching on chips and cookies. However it can't last for a long time. One day we discover that those expensive pants that we bought last falls on sale would be perfect to wear today, but as soon as we put them on "Fashion-TV"-depression hits on us again. The pants are too tight, the waist is hard to find... The best solution is sport! You do your best and, hopefully, in a month or two the waist will be discovered!

There are a lot of places that offer ladies various sports activities. It's always fun to do aerobics or shaping in a group, listening to inspirational music. Visiting swimming-pool strengthens muscles, relaxes your body and soul. If you long for something unusual and exotic--yoga classes are for you. Especially active ones may go hiking or horse-riding. But what if your day is filled with various responsibilities and "must-to-do's"? What if visiting sports club is too much for your budget? There is one thing that will help you.

"Perfect figure in 15 minutes a day" by G. Childers is a saviour of lost waists, "plumpy" arms and "long-skirt-looks-better" legs. Easy to read and understand, full of inspirational advice and good examples this book will lead you to a perfect figure!

The author offers a set of excercises combined with a special system of breathing. The excercise are easy to do and don't demand any special physical preparations. The only challenging thing is the system of breathing, but it won't take long to get accustomed to it. All excercises are illustrated with pictures. The excercises themselves are sometimes funny and entertaining, they make you smile while working on your body.

G. Childers promises to make you look good in 15 minutes a day. You shouldn't doubt. It is true. Only 15 minutes every morning, a rug, desire and determination--that's all you need to feel and look better.

Of course, no excercises (and those offered by G. Childers are not an exception) will be effective if you continue bad food habits that led to a weight-gain. The remarkable thing is that following the system of G. Childers you won't need to torture yourself with a strict diet. Eliminating junk-food, eating more vegetables and natural food, drinking juices will be enough.

Get a hold of this book and forget about "Fashion-TV"- depression! Work on your body at home, save money and instead of paying for aerobics class go shopping and... make those fashion-models jealous!

Thursday, September 23, 2004


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